Meat-free cafe with different cuisines opening at Vivocity on Jan. 19, 2021

A new plant-based grocery store and cafe will be opening at Vivocity on Tuesday (Jan. 19).
Green Common is originally from Hong Kong, where it has nine locations.
The outlet in Vivocity will be the second concept store outside Hong Kong.
Green Common is known for bringing a variety of plant-based meat and egg alternatives into the Asian market.
Some of the brands that will be available at the store at Vivocity include OmniMeat, Beyond Meat, Daiya, JUST, and Heura.
Here’s a look at the store that’s located at the first level of the mall:
There’s a small section of the store that has grocery products to take home, mainly plant-based milk, meat and egg products:
Brands that are available include Heura Foods (plant-based chicken), Just Egg (plant-based egg), OmniMeat, Gardein, Daiya Foods, Beyond Meat, Bite Society, Moving Mountains, Vegan Rods and Simply Seven.
The store also offers convenience products, such as the OmniEat Truffle Gyoza (S$7.20), OmniEat Siu Mai (S$6.50) and OmniEat Crystal Dumpling (S$6.20).
In addition to grocery items, the store also offer ready-made vegan meals at their eatery.
The cafe offers a variety of dishes from different cuisines.
Local food, western food, as well as Thai and Vietnamese food are all on the menu.
The plant-based “chicken” was very flavourful and moist, with a texture similar to that of our national dish’s.
We tried this appetiser that had a very crispy batter, and was similar in terms of saltiness to regular luncheon meat.
The Omni Musubi resembled a sushi with luncheon meat on top, and the rice was very nice and sticky.
The Alpha nuggets were very crispy on the outside, and had the texture of a regular chicken nugget.
This dish was very sweet and tangy, but not spicy.
The plant-based beef alternative from a Korean brand Unlimeat was very convincing as beef slices.
This drink reminded us regular HK milk tea, except it was less sweet and very light, as it uses oat milk instead of cow’s milk.
In conjunction with the opening of the Green Common outlet in Singapore, the outlet is running some promotions.
From Jan. 19, 2021, to Jan. 24, 2021, the first five dine-in customers everyday will receive a gift set worth S$50 or above in a single receipt throughout the day and will be able to redeem a free OmniMeat Mince pack voucher.
Diners with children below 16 years old receive a free Luncheon Fries voucher between Jan. 19, 2021, to Feb. 19, 2021.
At the same time, customers who spend S$30 or more at the restaurant on weekdays from 12pm to 2pm will receive 20 per cent off their bill.