Singaporean man who threw mug at Filipina domestic worker to undergo rehab

Warning: Story contains graphic descriptions that may be disturbing to some users. Caution advised.
A 20-year-old Singaporean was sentenced to rehab two years after he threw a mug at a Filipina domestic worker, which broke her nose.
The man named Ng Jia Sheng pled guilty in June of hurting and insulting the family domestic worker, Estabillo Soledad Agustin, in 2018 during a confrontation inside his house. Ng, who was then a teenager, asked Agustin to turn on the air conditioner. The latter responded to the Singaporean in an “irritated” manner which escalated into a heated verbal confrontation, one which spurred both parties to scream and spit on each other. Ng also told Agustin that she was just a poor maid who “had no right to be in Singapore.”
Agustin went to another area in the house but she was followed by Ng, who picked up a mug and threw it at her face, injuring her nose. Agustin fled the house, saw another domestic worker, and urged that person to call the Singapore authorities. Agustin has gone home to the Philippines after the incident.
In an interview with ABS-CBN’s Teleradyo today, Consul General Adrian Bernie Candolada said that Ng has been sentenced to six months of reformative training.
“This includes rehabilitation. She was really seeking justice,” the consul said of Agustin.
However, he assured the public that Filipino domestic workers are respected in Singapore and that Agustin’s case was an exemption.
“These are just isolated cases. Our countrymen who are working in the homes of their employers, they’re being treated well. They’re generally OK,” he said.
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