Florida manatee death rates are at the states highest since 2013

Florida manatee death rates are at the states highest
Florida manatee death rates are at the states highest since 2013 Two-hundred and eighty-six more manatees died between 2017-18. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Record 829 Manatee Deaths in 2013 Puzzle Scientists
Jan. 22, 2014—In Crystal Rivers, Florida, residents depend on a healthy manatee population for the local economy. But with the largest number of manatee deaths in recorded history, 2013 was a …

Coronavirus Florida: Manatee County third in state for …
Sarasota County has tested 3,388 people and has an 8% positive rate, with 283 total verified cases. Sarasota has 23 deaths, including one death verified by the state on Saturday, a 93-year-old woman.

Florida Annual Morbidity Statistics Report | Florida
The Florida Morbidity Statistics Report is based on reportable disease information received by county and state health department staff from physicians, hospitals, and laboratories throughout the state obtained through passive and active surveillance. It is a resource to medical and public health authorities at county, state, and national levels.

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Suicide is death caused by injuring oneself with the intent to die. Why do we measure this? Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. It was responsible for more than 47,000 deaths in 2017, resulting in about one death every 11 minutes. Suicide is a problem throughout the life span.

Florida Manatee: 10% of Population Could Be … – EcoWatch
Combined with the winter cold spell, which claimed 69 manatees, more than 10 percent of the state’s estimated manatee population of around 6,300 individuals could be wiped out this year, PEER noted. The 540 reported deaths is also the second highest total in a decade. The deadliest year on record was 2013, when 830 Florida manatees perished. A …

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Manatee population in the United States reached a low in the 1970’s, during which only a few hundred individuals lived in the nation. As of February 2016, 6,250 manatees were reported swimming in Florida’s springs. It is illegal under federal and Florida law to injure or harm a manatee.

FastStats – Deaths and Mortality
Trends in Deaths from Health, United States; United States Life Tables, 2017 pdf icon [PDF – 2 MB] Mortality Among Adults Aged 25 and Over by Marital Status: United States, 2010-2017; Mortality Patterns Between Five States With Highest Death Rates and Five States With Lowest Death Rates: United States, 2017

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Red tide and cold snaps have led to their highest death rate since 2013, and that death rate could still go up. Wayward Manatee That Traveled To Cape Cod Dies In Florida By The Associated Press • Aug 2, 2018

US States With the Highest Level of Gun Violence …
Alaska. At 24.5, Alaska had the highest firearm death rate of the 50 US states in 2017. Although Alaska had a population of only 739,795 people in 2017, there were 180 firearm related deaths in the state that year. The high firearm death rate is thought to be as a result of the lax gun laws in the state.
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