Foreign workers from cleared dorms to be allowed to go out for personal errands, but netizens have mixed feelings

It was announced on Wednesday (Aug 12) that foreign workers residing in dormitories cleared of Covid-19 will soon be allowed to leave the dormitories for personal errands.
In a joint statement, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said that it is starting small-scale trials in August. While participating dormitories have not been announced, workers will be allowed to visit recreation centres to buy groceries, Sim cards or to remit money.
The ministry eventually aims to allow workers residing in cleared dormitories to enjoy their rest days without movement restrictions. It aims to allow all dormitory residents to apply for exit passes to visit recreation centres by October.
In its statement, the MOM said that residents in selected dormitories will need to apply for a “dormitory exit pass” through their SGWorkPass mobile application, which will provide them with a specific exit timeslot. There will be several slots spread out across each day.
They must also have recovered from Covid-19 or received a negative swab test result within two weeks prior to the exit date, not be on quarantine order or stay-home notice, installed and registered the TraceTogether app on their mobile phones, and have chosen an exit pass timeslot with available vacancies.
Netizens who commented on social media were from two camps, some were wary and wondering if these workers would be allowed to go to public places, while others were concerned for the mental health and well-being of the workers.