Jolin Tsai’s perky butt got the internet abuzz

Taipei — Mandopop diva Jolin Tsai isn’t shy of flaunting her figure in all kinds of sexy and revealing outfits and her fans are just lapping it up. The 40-year-old singer uploaded a couple of photos from her trip to Yangmingshan National Park with her family and pet dogs on Wednesday (Feb 24). Even though she was covered up from head to toe in a sweater, shawl, and long pants, her clothing did nothing to conceal her curves which caught the attention of many, reported on February 26.
If you look at the photos, the fabric and fit of her pants wrapped her figure like clingwrap and accentuated her perky butt. Judging from the way Tsai is posing and the photos she chose to upload, she certainly knows how good she looks. Nobody can blame the singer for wanting to show off what she’s got. The comments section was flooded with adulation for her “peach butt”  (as someone described it) and many gushing about how “beautiful” it looks.
Another netizen said that her “youthful body is too unbelievable”. Most of the comments were from women, so it did not feel creepy or gross. Tsai once shared the secret of her amazing physique. Drinking lots of water and avoiding foods high in salt is the key, she said. The singer is also very active and stays in shape by exercising regularly and playing a variety of ball games.
Born on Sept 15, 1980, Jolin Tsai is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and businesswoman. Tsai is known for frequently reinventing both her music and her image. She is said to have played a huge role in popularising dance-pop as mainstream popular music in Greater China.
She maintains her autonomy within the recording industry, and her musical productions have received widespread critical acclaim. Referred to as the “Queen of C-Pop”, she has achieved popularity in the Chinese-speaking world by releasing a series of successful albums. /TISG
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