New Mercedes S-Class Airbags Protect Rear Passengers In Front Crashes

Before Mercedes reveals the new S-Class on September 2, the German luxury automaker will preview a new safety technology – airbags that protect passengers in frontal crashes. Details about the latest tech are scarce, though the automaker will post another “Meet the S-Class DIGITAL” episode on July 29 that will dive into the new technology.
Mercedes says the new S-Class will be the first car to equip airbags designed to protect rear-seat passengers in a frontal impact. “It calls for an entirely different concept to that of front airbags,” the automaker says in its press release, noting that the airbags must adapt to child seats. But it’s not the only expansion of safety features coming to the new luxury model.
The S-Class will also feature the company’s new Pre-Safe Impulse Side function that will use the E-Active Body Control suspension to raise the entire vehicle when the vehicle senses a crash is imminent. This joins the tech Mercedes uses to move front passengers toward the center of the vehicle using the seat air cushions.
This is the second “Meet the S-Class DIGITAL” episode Mercedes will air, and there’ll be one more on August 12 that’ll focus on the interior before Mercedes reveals it. The first looked at the automaker’s latest MBUX infotainment system and all the tech and screens packed into the new car, which could feature up to five displays inside.
While the new S-Class reveal won’t happen for more than a month, spy photos and leaked images have shown the car in its entirety. The exterior design doesn’t change much, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t substantial updates underneath. It’ll be packed with high-tech goodies, including those rear-seat frontal airbags, and so much more. We don’t have long to wait to learn all about it.