Off-duty DNR officer rescues elderly woman from burning home

An off-duty Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officer rescued a woman from a burning mobile home in Ottawa County Wednesday.

Conservation officer Robert Slick was the first responder to arrive on the scene of a burning mobile home in Spring Lake after he saw smoke from a distance while out jogging. He could see the smoke getting thicker and ran toward it, according to a news release from the Michigan DNR.

He arrived at the home in the Country Estates Mobile Home Park where a few people had gathered and told him 911 was on the way, according to the DNR. While Slick was looking into the home, someone told him an elderly disabled woman was inside. When he went to the back of the burning home, Slick found a neighbor trying to open a jammed door. The two got the door open and found the woman, who was reportedly alert and talking, according to the DNR.
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The two men picked her up and carried her out of the home as her walker would not fit through the door. The woman was taken to a nearby home until medical personnel could evaluate her.

“The department is proud of officer Slick and the gentleman who assisted him,” Gary Hagler, chief of the DNR Law Enforcement Division, said in a statement. “They risked their own lives to save another. A conservation officer is never truly off-duty and is trained to respond to situations like this.”
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